Join us for an amazing day and visit two of the Riviera Maya main attractions: the archaeological site of Tulum and amazing underground river located in the heart of the jungle.

Discover Tulum

One of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions, Tulum offers a glimpse into the ancient and fascinating world of the pre-Columbian, Mayan culture. These stunning ruins, bursting with history, rest on a rare, ocean side cliff—standing guard over the blue waters of the Caribbean.

The Mayans

The Maya civilization, recognized as one of the most significant of the ancient world, thrived along the Riviera Maya. They created vast cities with temples and pyramids and established a wide trade networks. Their artistic and scientific discoveries put them bounds ahead of their cultural contemporaries across the world.

Underground River

Discover the Mayan underworld in the heart of the jungle. Accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, you’ll swim in crystal-water through caves and tunnels and admire ancient rock formations. The impressive stalactites and stalagmites, some more than a million years old, will leave you breathless.

Lunch Time

Wrap up this amazing day with a delicious beachside lunch and complimentary cocktails. Relax on a secluded tropical beach and have some well-deserved downtime before returning to your hot.