Explore two amazing cenotes as you swim in one the oldest subterranean river system in the world. Then snorkel in a beautiful lagoon, where the fresh subterranean waters mix with the warm, tropical water from the Caribbean, creating a unique snorkeling experience.  

Spectacular Cenotes

On the Yucatan peninsula, rain waters seep through the porous limestone rock, drop by drop, into cenotes and underground rivers in search of an outlet to the sea. As each drop falls into the subterranean caverns, they create stunning, subterranean rock formations.

Discover the Mayan underworld

Visit a magnificent cenote (sinkhole), which is part of the third longest underground river system in the world, for an exhilarating swim-exploring natural underground pools of crystal-clear water and awe-inspiring rock formations. 

Spectacular Snorkeling at Paradise Lagoon

Visit Yal Ku, a beautiful and tranquil lagoon where the warm waters from the see combine with fresh water from underground rivers to create a unique snorkeling environment. The protected cove provide a perfect snorkeling experience for everyone-from advanced swimmers to beginners to families.


Beautiful landscape

The grounds surrounding the lagoon have been manicured with paths, waterfront benches and statues. Also underwater landscape is quite fascinating! You can see submarine caves and mini valleys.